Development Solutions

Project Detail

Project Cycle Management
• Project Identification – Situational Analysis, Needs Assessment, PRA etc
• Project Formulation
• Designing Project Proposal writing
• Implementation Planning
• Planning of Monitoring and Evaluation

Phase wise project services
A. Project Conceptualization Stage
• Conceptualization and Project Development studies
• Pre-project/Pilot and Perception studies
• Feasibility studies
• Mapping studies

B. Project Planning and Formulation Stage
• Baseline/Benchmark/Perception studies
• Impact Assessment studies (Socio-economic and Environmental)
• Resettlement and Rehabilitation studies
• Institutional Assessment studies
• Capacity-building and Training
• Communication and Participation / NGO and Social Capital
• Need-assessment studies
• Strategy Development studies and Report Preparation

C. Project Implementation Stage
• Performance Monitoring
• Concurrent Evaluation
• Performance Evaluation
• Impact Evaluation