School Safety Audits

Address and contact details of the client:
1. Deshpande Foundation
BVB Campus, Vidyanagar, Hubli
2. United Breweries Limited
Industrial Area, Baikampady, Mangalore
Name of senior staff involved from our Organization and functions performed:
Mr. Preetham Rodrigue, Directorial Role
Ms. Vimarsha Jain, Mentoring & Monitoring Role
Mr.Manjunath ( Project Coordinator)
Brief narrative description of the Project:
Inchara Foundation is primarily working for the issues of Children, Project Angel is one of the flagship projects of Inchra is being implemented in the target areas reaching out to more than 50,000 children and adults till now.
Model safe school Initiative is another innovative project aims at overall safety and well being of children in schools
Both of the above project has a common element which is Safety Audit of schools, which includes a data collection from schools pertaining to child safety ( Physical, personal ,Water, sanitation, health & hygiene
Description of the actual services provided by staff within the assignment:
-School Safety Audits
-School Awareness Programs
– Facilitating child Safety policies
-Training of teachers and parents
-Data tool design
-Data collection
-Data analysis
-Intervention design and implementation
-Report submission

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